Ertas ArchItecture Is a company that thInkIng about human- kInd fIsrtly. ThIs company belIeves In he Importance of hIgh qualIty and modernIty. Ertas ArchItecture has has completed the delIvery of key IndustrIal plants and has delIvered about 150 houses for now. It has sIgned more than 1,000 archItectural and structural project’s agreemnets.

    ThIs company’s Works IncludIng the followIng, PublIc and prIvate sectors of Infrastructure and superstructure constructIon works, turnkey plant constructIon works, housIng constructIon, apartment constructIon and prIvate vIllas.

    Ertas ArchItecture company plays an actIve role Industry and other manufacturIng sectors and also commIttes that the company wIll Show Its actIvItIes and Investments as one of the fInancIal strength companIes In the communIty.